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Having been involved with SME's and startups for the last 17 years, I've spent the last eight years providing strategic consultancy, interim management and mentoring to both UK tech startups and their investors.  I've also been on both sides of the table as an investor and a founder.

I specialise in cultivating innovation excellence by focusing on the key principles of people, process and proposition.  Depending on the business, I employ a variety of techniques including Lean Methodologies, Agile Development and Impact Mapping.  However, whatever my role, my passion is working with small, high calibre teams to develop new business ideas underpinned by data analytics, emerging technology and consumer trends.

With a PhD in a mixture of electronic engineering, mathematical modelling and computing, I started my career as a Systems Engineer moving on to Technical Architect and Program Manager during the dot com boom, where everything was a tech startup!

I was the original CTO for the Nectar loyalty program (for which Computing Magazine awarded me ‘IT Manager of the Year’ - see picture) and have subsequently founded four companies based around the use of data-driven marketing and incentives.  I've consulted internationally on customer loyalty, CRM and the use of data in a wide variety of sectors including retail, banking, gaming, mobile and hospitality.

I created The Startup Doctor because of the frustrations I've personally gone through over the years.  If it makes it easier for new tech startups to survive and thrive, it will have served it's purpose.

If you have any feedback about the content, please use the contact form.  Obviously I'd be delighted to receive any testimonials but I'm equally interested in hearing how I can improve the content or if there are specific topics you'd like me to cover in future downloads or posts.  Many thanks in advance.

I always love helping and working with startups as well as the innovation centres of larger companies so if you're interested in contacting me about consulting, please also use the contact form.  I provide pro bono work for charities or startups looking to deliver a public benefit.

Good luck!


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