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The advice and tools I've provided is based on the most common situations I've seen in 17 years working with or on behalf of startups.  I also provide tailored one-on-one mentoring to startups and their investors.  Feel free to check out some testimonials below from a few of the entrepreneurs and investors I've worked with.

If you feel your startup would benefit from some additional targeted help, I'd love to hear from you - please use the contact form.  

My aim in any engagement is to provide maximum benefit in tightly focused workshops. Although not exhaustive list, here are some typical engagements I undertake:

⇒ Idea Development Workshops - helping define and clarify early ideas into clear propositions

⇒ Strategy Workshops - to help companies define and refine their fundamental business and/or technical strategy

⇒ Go to Market Workshops - focusing on identifying early adopters and how to approach them

⇒ Risk Planning Workshops - identifying business and technical risks and strategies to deal with them

⇒ Investment Planning Workshops - helping to plan for and win the right grants and investors

⇒ Due Diligence Workshops - either on behalf of investors or helping companies prepare for due diligence

⇒ Turnaround Workshops - helping companies in difficulties to re-plan and reprioritise

⇒ Exit Planning Workshops - to help identify exit opportunities and set in place appropriate planning

I have variously also provided assistance in areas including contract negotiations, grant applications and technical development processes.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Mark is an extremely rare find in that he is capable of mixing deep and varied technical knowledge & understanding with vast business experience in everything from people management to raising investment.

Mark's involvement in your business is likely to result in new ideas, experience hardened & proven shortcuts, and / or connections to other well-respected industry professionals. In my experience, you are likely to find that Mark will set a great example to those around him, and inspire individuals to new levels.

I very much hope to work with him again in the future!

I have worked with Mark on significant technical due diligence as part of venture investment appraisals, both in the UK and in the USA. Mark brings significant retail technology domain expertise, rigorous analysis of technological architecture with an insight into the ability of the technologies and the people who run them to underpin and scale the business case. I highly recommend Mark to anyone.

Duncan Stirling Co-founder & Director KEM Investments Ltd

Mark is the rare all-rounder, great business skills with deep technical credentials and a real drive in professional and personal life. Really enjoyed my time working with Mark. His is a well earned success story.

Richard Hall CTO, Strategist and Turnaround Specialist

Mark was a key adviser and we found his years of experience to be invaluable. Thank you from the whole of the team.

Anthony Lawton Serial entrepreneur, health sector

Mark is ferociously bright and energetic. His passion and enthusiasm are catalysts for enabling teams to deliver creative products and solutions in extremely short timeframes.

Mark is a visionary and an innovator. He has a deep understanding of the loyalty business and an esteemed background in engineering, maths and computing. This allows Mark to exploit business opportunities that others don’t see and push technical boundaries to come up with ingenious solutions that aren’t easily copied or bought.

Mark’s commercial acumen and strategic mind mean he is extremely skilled at turning ideas into viable business visions and a cohesive product development strategy. He is able to negotiate strongly with clients, partners and investors to achieve the best possible outcome.

Above all Mark is a man of extremely high integrity. He doesn’t just do the easy thing, he does the right thing.

Jenny Martin Founder, Collaborate Solutions Ltd

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