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Your book is the best advice I have ever read from anyone. Clear, simple, no ambiguity in some complex areas which no one can claim to understand fully. Thank you.

Preparing for Investment

Including coverage of SEIS and EIS, investment planning, attracting 'smart money', avoiding the wrong investors, pre & post money valuations, managing a cap table, avoiding common pitfalls etc

Raising Money

Understand the difference between good and bad debt, make the company attractive to investors, apply for grants and R&D refunds etc whilst avoiding common pitfalls

Protecting Your Ideas

Make sure Intellectual Property (IP) is protected from the start by developing an IP strategy and knowing when to use patents, copyrights and trademarks

Beating the Competition

Develop the right competitive strategies to match your market and investment needs, learn how to make best use of your resources to compete against existing competitors and fast followers

Work / Life Separation

Tech startups can put the founders and their families in financial risk. Learn how to protect yourself and your family by keeping a healthy home/work separation.


Setting up the basic company including multiple founders, adding 'investor directors', allocating founder shares and planning share allocations for staff and future investors

Bringing it to Life

Give your startup a professional foundation with minimal cost, including tips for office stationary, email disclaimers, professional mailing address and scalable telephone system

Essential Organisation

Make investor due diligence easy and protect yourself by understanding director obligations, how and when to pass resolutions, manage essential filings, track NDA's etc

In addition to the ebook, purchasers of the full Start Smart Medikit also receive:

Templates & Tools

Save months of effort and thousands in professional fees by using the included templates and tools including cap tables, share allotment letters, agreement registers, lean canvas, risk registers and more

Free Updates

I constantly working with founders like you to improve the Medikit and its tools. Any updated versions or new tools created within 12 months of purchase will be sent to you, free of charge

Mentoring Discounts

Purchasers are entitled to a discount of £195 off of any mentoring or consultancy work by the Startup Doctor within six months of purchase (terms apply - contact me for details)


ebook in PDF format (over 45,000 words)
Tools/templates in MS Office formats

30 day money back guaranteed if not satisfied
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